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Kurnia Express Claim!!! Instant Cash for Your vehicle Own Damage claim Repair Costs

BMS Roadtax has been authorized by Kurnia Insurans to provide express Claims services. BMS Roadtax customers will benefit from this service by receiving immediate cash payments directly into their bank accounts once the claims are approved. You can visit any of the nearest BMS Roadtax outlets within 24 hours to process your Express Claims, as described below.

What is Express Claims

Immediate settlement for Own Damage Claims, offering a faster, easier, more efficient and convenient way to make a motor repair claim.
Who can make an Express Claim?

Step to do Express Claim

  • Report the accident to the police within 24 hours as required by law.

  • You need to bring the vehicle and required documents to any BMS Roadtax outlet within 48 hours.

  • Submit the claim at our office with the required documents (Insured and Driver need to be present)

Note: If the police report is not available at the time, you may submit the “police report slip” instead of waiting for the police report. The police report must be submitted at any time before the payment is made.

Documents checklist


  • It is a simple process.
  • Claim is processed immediately upon receipt of full documentation. Vehicle must be driven to any bmsroadtax outlets within 48 hours for claims up to RM10,000 for comprehensive policies.
  • Once your claim is approved, you will receive a direct deposit into your bank account, up to a maximum amount of RM10,000 per claim.
  • Lodge a police report within 24 hours.
  • You have 48 hours to notify us.
  • The car can still be driven and not towed to us.
  • The estimated cost of repair is up to RM10,000 for comprehensive policies.
  • Ensure claim documents are completed.
  • Duly signed Claim Form.
  • Documents for submission must be clear and easy to read.
Please note that no Express claims are allowed within one calendar year from the last Express claim filed. If you need further clarification or information, you may call Liberty insurance at 1 800 88 3833.
*Terms and Conditions apply.

You can send your vehicle to an approved repairer for normal own damage repair.

If you or anybody else meets with an incident that will give rise to a claim on this policy, the NCD entitlement that you have accumulated will drop to zero at the next renewal and your NCD will start all over again. If a claim is received after the NCD has been applied, we shall be entitled to recover the NCD given to you.


Exception to this Rule:

Your NCD will not be affected even if a claim is made if:

    • Liberty Insurance are of the opinion that you are not at fault for causing the loss;
    • The offending vehicle is identifiable and is not a vehicle used for carriage of passengers for hire or reward (for example taxis, hire cars, public buses, stage buses, school buses and factory buses for hire);
    • The offending vehicle is insured by a Malaysian licensed insurer; and
    • There is no death or personal injury claim involved.

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