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The fire insurance policy covers losses or damages to your insured property i.e. your private residence and its contents; that are caused by fire, lightning or explosion of domestic boilers and gas used for domestic purposes only during the period of insurance.

Your property is your biggest investment which is why it is important to protect it. The thought of your property being damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning, explosions or any unexpected events would cause you to lose sleep. Fire insurance covers your property against perils such as fire and explosions. It also further offers additional coverage against flood, falling trees, earthquakes, riots and much more. During such unexpected occurrences, you will need extra assistance or services. With coverage of Fire insurance via BMS Road Tax services, BMS Road Tax will assist you to liaise with insurance company with repair cost, removal of debris and inconvenience benefit in the event of fire and flood.


Three Categories Explained

The property coverage can be classified into three (3) categories: –


(dwelling, factories, offices, shopping complexes etc.)


(raw materials, finished and unfinished goods, packaging materials etc.)


(plants and machinery, furniture, fittings and fixtures, office equipment and tools, plans and documents etc.)


Why Choose Us

With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, the staff at BMS Road Tax are equipped with in-depth knowledge of Fire Insurance product.

Over the years, BMS Road Tax has assisted many of our customers in dealing with the claims process. With our assistance, it has expedited the customer claims process, leading to fast settlements and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction in choosing BMS Road Tax as their insurance agency. These results give us strong encouragement to continue providing the best services and remain sustainable in the insurance industry for over 30 years. This driving force behind achieving results has brought us to where we are now.


Extending Protection Against Extraneous Perils

In addition, you may extend the basic fire coverage to cover loss or damage caused by extraneous perils specified subject to an additional premium as stipulated in the Revised Fire Tariff:-


Fire Insurance

Up to RM7,500 to clear debris from uninsured property.

Inconvenience benefit of RM5,000 if your property is damaged by fire or flood.

Up to RM5,000 for temporary repair and protection cost.

Additional covers against flood, falling trees, earthquakes, riots and more.

Terrorism & Sabotage extension covers your property against damage caused by acts of terrorism or sabotage. (New)

Shield your property today from any unexpected events, at the right price.

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