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Road Tax Renewal


Skip the Queue & Renew Your Road Tax On-the-Spot

BMS Road Tax offers on-the-spot road tax renewal through the MyEG kiosk, enabling instant printing. This service makes it easier for customers by avoiding the need to go to JPJ counters and wait in long queues to renew road tax for private cars and motorcycles.

BMS Road Tax provides both physical and digital road tax renewal services via the MyEG kiosk. Customers have the option to receive their road tax renewal in either physical or digital form.

Furthermore, BMS Road Tax offers renewal services that must be completed at the JPJ counter, including A & C Permit road tax, driving license renewal, PHV, and GDL license. With the inclusion of these additional services, our aim is to reduce customer inconvenience by removing the necessity to visit JPJ offices and endure the long waiting queue at the JPJ counters.

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