Blacklisted by JPJ

JPJ BlacklistedHere is some information to share about the 18 common offence in Malaysia. If you failed to settle, your vehicle will be blacklisted by JPJ. 1. Driving, parking in the emergency lane–Summon from JPJ or PDRM and to settle in Court.2. Overtaking another vehicle in a dangerous manner (or from the left side)–Summon from

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Insurance Extension for Road Tax

Insurance ExtensionThis is a common issue that the owner facing when renewing Road Tax.This issue usually causing by….1) Delay in renewing road tax.This mean your insurance inception date has exceeded 7 days grace period allowed by JPJ to renew your road tax. As such, you will only allowed to renew for 6 months road tax—Solution

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Why Can’t Renew Road tax

Why can’t renew road tax?The scenarios are due to JPJ and Insurance matter as below….. JPJ Matter:1. Blacklisted by JPJ/PDRMa. JPJ Blacklisted – to settle at JPJ Counterb. PDRM Blacklisted – to settle via MyBayar PDRM or settle at Traffic Police Station Counter.2. Road Tax is required to renew at JPJ counter if your vehicle

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