Why Can’t Renew Road tax

Why can’t renew road tax?
The scenarios are due to JPJ and Insurance matter as below…..

JPJ Matter:
1. Blacklisted by JPJ/PDRM
a. JPJ Blacklisted – to settle at JPJ Counter
b. PDRM Blacklisted – to settle via MyBayar PDRM or settle at Traffic Police Station Counter.
2. Road Tax is required to renew at JPJ counter if your vehicle fall under categories below:
a. Using as a Grab car.
b. Special type vehicle.
c. Commercial vehicle.
d. Vehicle owner has passed away.
3. Road Tax lapsed for more than 3 years
You are required to arrange for the Puspakom Inspection of your vehicle before the insurance and road tax renewal
4. Vehicle Owner has passed away
You can renew road tax for 6 months and only the time frame within 3 years. As such, the change of ownership must be done within 3 years period.
Insurance Matters:
1. Not enough of insurance
Your insurance inception date has exceeded 7 days grace period allowed by JPJ to renew your road tax. As such, you are only allowed to renew for 6 months road tax or need to do insurance extension for 1 year road tax.
2. Insurance data has not activated by insurance company
You will need to check with your insurance company.
3. Data error in your vehicle details
The data such as wrong IC or passport number, wrong insurance date due to overlapped, wrong vehicle plate number and etc. You will need to check with your insurance company.

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